The Eye is a volunteer art exhibition project.

It began as a conversation between friends. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a venue in central Leicester where shoppers, workers, locals and visitors could drop in and enjoy an art show? Not just a blink-and-miss-it pop-up, but a long term gallery with changing exhibits, showing really good work from artists who live and work hereabouts.

We soon had a wonderful and varied group of 48 artists making new work to exhibit. Some have established reputations, some are fresh out of art school, and some are untrained but naturally talented. All of them have something worth looking at.

We believe that looking at art is an important part of life. It can fill you with joy, or sympathy, or rage. Come to The Eye, at the Basement Gallery on Belvoir Street, and see what you think!



A collective show with contributions from all 48 artists.

followed by


A series of four shows exploring boundaries and contrasts; the liminal areas where interesting things happen. Twelve artists work with the theme in any way they choose. The themes are:

STRONG/FRAGILE  Runs from Thursday 12th January until Wednesday 8th February

LIGHT/DARK    Runs from Thursday 16th February, until Wednesday 15th March.

URBAN/RURAL   Runs from Thursday 23rd March, until Wednesday 19th April.

INSIDE/OUTSIDE Runs from Thursday 27th April, until Wednesday 24th May.

For more information on events, please visit our events page.

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