A final walk around The Eye…

As the Eye project comes to a close, participating artist, David Irish from the Light & Dark show takes one last walk around the show and reflects on the project as a whole. Thankyou David.

“Inside/outside exhibition at The Old Library Galleries, Belvoir St, Leicester, is the final group exhibition in a series of shows organised under the banner of The Eye. The first mixed exhibition, which included all 48 artists involved in the various shows, commenced in November 2016. It now seems a lifetime ago. For the two main protagonists Jane Sunbeam and Moira Robinson it has been a rollercoaster of a journey with the help of other fellow artists, friends and family. A big thanks to the both of them and everyone else involved. The series of shows, have displayed the range of art and creativity which is happening in Leicester and is testimony to the artists who participated. It has not only impacted on the centre but further afield. It all bodes well for the future.

Thumbnails of all the artists participating in the project – thankyou all!

The present show Inside/Outside has been carefully curated, each artist having their own discreet space, giving an impression of different styles and approaches to the making of art. The work ranges from colourful narrative paintings depicting everyday scenes of domestic life, to fine porcelain pieces which have an organic fragility. Other work on view includes paper collages which are extremely well crafted. Movement and texture combined with natural forms are the main components of them. Jane Sunbeams work is a mixture of collage, painting and collagraphs and present an innocent world of fantasy and dream unsullied by the present dilemmas of our modern world.

Also on view are a number of different assemblages created from collected and found objects which require a moment’s hesitation to enjoy the concepts involved. Other work on show include very reasonably priced handmade jewellery and an assortment of hats and fascinators, digital artworks and textural landcapes. There are many more pieces on display too numerous to mention here, but hopefully I have given you a glimpse into the present and final exhibition.

Once again a big thanks to everyone, pat yourself on the back!”


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