Meet the Artist: Brett Murray (Anokz-One)

I’ve always been interested in art from drawing on paper, murals on walls, tattooing on skin and most recently using my computer as a artistic tool. I think being creative can be a bit obsessive. I’m lucky enough to do a job I love where I get to be creative most days through tattooing and bringing all other aspects, ideas, influences and styles to bring my own style to my tattoos.

Brett Murray (1)
Rose Tattoo

When people give you a idea then give you the freedom to do what you want because they like your work its mind blowing and humbling and feel blessed that people let me use their skin as a canvas.

Brett Murray (2)
Flower Tattoo

The digital work you see in the show basically came about because I was finding it harder to paint after having my little girl. I started to teach myself Photoshop to make collages for paste ups. Just through trial and error I’ve developed a style/feel to my work and getting results I’m really happy with.

Brett Murray (3)

I call them Angels with dirty faces although I’m not religious its more of a idea of being reborn or a metamorphosis of the person in some way. Overlaying images numbers and lettering to create textures like brush strokes in paint to produce a modern, and for want of a better word urban twist to a almost Pre Raphaelite feeling body of works.

Brett Murray (4)

I hope you like what you see and if you want to see more of my work follow me on Instagram –

If you wish to contact me or purchase any art  email me at

Thanks for looking.

Brett Murray (5)

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