Inside/Outside Awaits It’s Audience

The final of the Intersections based on the theme of Inside/Outside is now officially open and features the work of:

Dee Barnes, Jo Keogh, Claire Elizabeth Jackson, Giulia Mio,
Brett Murray, Ruth Nutting, Sushila Pillai, Phillipa Reddell,
Hayley Stokes, Jane Sunbeam, Danielle Vaughan & Jenny Wilson

We are now ending our second week, and it has been a great success so far, with several sales – it is rather satisfying when the little red dots start appearing on the labels. Do remember if you do wish to buy a piece of work to contact the artist directly (you can find their details on the Artists page).

Our hang took two stages – as many of the artists and makers in this group already had an Open Studios at the Makers Yard on the Saturday. So we all met the day before to organise the curation and space allocation.  The curation, with initial input and layout from Jane was a group effort, with all the artists working together to choose work to sit alongside each other that would both compliment but also contrast against each other – bright patches of colour next to delicate natural tones, intricate and detailed assemblages contrasting with it’s neighbouring digital prints and textured landscapes in rich earthy colours adjacent to vibrant collaged pieces.

As it is a complex space we also wanted to consider the three entrances to the gallery – making sure that each had impact as people entered or exited the gallery and looked down from the cafe above. Also we wanted to make sure that work facing each other complimented each other so that the eye is constantly directed around the gallery space. The plinths were then used as punctuation points, giving the eye something to rest upon as it journeyed across the floor. There were so many decisions, but we do feel we were successful in many of these aims, with the end result being a rich and vibrant show!

Inside Outside Panorama 2Inside Outside Panorama 3Inside-Outside from top of stairs

Thanks go to to all the artists involved and their friends/family/partners for giving their time and energy to make the show a success. This includes group coordinator Claire Jackson, Hayley Stokes for our group statement, Phillipa Reddell for making our individual statement boards, Ruth Chalk for her label making skills, Jo Keogh for her social media work, Jane Sunbeam for coordinating the show and for designing our flyers, and Andy Sunbeam who has been such a help in a myriad of different ways.

A huge thankyou also to Moira Robinson, who has been present throughout, from the assimilation of images to assisting with the the curation and hang, whilst also and undertaking various banking duties – all vital roles in keeping the exhibition  project running smoothly.

With a week to recover, tweak the show and gather ourselves, it was then time to launch the show and send it out to it’s audience. Sushila Pillai took to the staircase to introduce Kerry Gray, the Head of the Adult Skills and Learning Service, who kindly came on a Saturday and officially opened the show.

Once the show was opened, our guests explored the exhibition and the diverse range of work on show, whilst enjoying each other’s company and the afternoon sun that flooded though the windows. Thankyou to Hairy Coconut Deli and Bakery who created mini canopes that were works of art in their own right. Thankyou too Debbie Miles for these lovely photos of the afternoon.

A huge thankyou to all those who came to support us and help us celebrate this, the last of the shows in the Eye Exhibition Project. We will miss it when it is over, but feel proud to be a part of the gallery that will now be hosting Leicester’s prestigious Open 28

If you would like to know more about the artists – do come along to our Meet the Artist event on May 13th 12 -3pm. Artists Claire Elizabeth Jackson, Giulia Mio, Sushila Pillai, Phillipa Reddell, Hayley Stokes, Jo Keogh, Jane Sunbeam, Danielle Vaughan and Jenny Wilson will be in the gallery to chat to our visitors about their own work, ideas, inspirations and techniques.

We look forward to seeing you there.

For regular updates, please visit us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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