The Many Sides to the Inside/Outside Exhibition

Introducing Inside/Outside – from 27th April to 24th May 2017, the Eye Exhibition will see its final intersection of work from contemporary Leicester(shire) artists at The Old Library Basement Gallery on Belvoir Street, this time on the theme of Inside/Outside.

Artists Dee Barnes, Jo Keogh, Claire Elizabeth Jackson, Giulia Mio, Brett Murray, Ruth Nutting, Sushila Pillai, Phillipa Reddell, Hayley Stokes, Jane Sunbeam, Danielle Vaughan and Jenny Wilson will demonstrate the countless and varied ways in which a simple theme can be interpreted. The wide-ranging objects in this exhibition, including ceramics, jewellery, millinery, assemblages, paintings, prints and digital artworks show how art can reflect the theme physically through the inclusion of objects with known ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ functions, psychologically through the visual expression of internal experiences or representationally through paintings inspired by our personal memories or surrounding landscapes.

This collection of art promises to provide a feast for the eyes incorporating a wealth of details (some playful, some evocative) that will encourage natural human curiosities.  It offers a chance to reflect on the way ideas from inside an artist’s head can be externalised for the outside world to see. This cycle from the artist’s mind to the external environment of the gallery space and back into the viewer’s imagination is surely what art is all about.

We launch the show on Saturday 29th April, 12-2pm, with opening speeches at 12.30. All welcome – please come and celebrate this, the final of the Intersections of the Eye!

If you would like to purchase an artwork, then please use the contact details for the artist on the label next to the relevant work. More information on the individual artists can be found on our Artists page.

Insideoutside flyer


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