Meet the Artist: Glen Heath

I started painting when I was 50 years old having previously spent 30 years working in the Leicester Fish Market. I was accepted by Loughborough College of Art to do a Foundation Course and then a B.A. and finally an M.A. at the University of Central England Birmingham.

My work focuses on local areas in Leicester, such as the Leicester Market, Flower Shop, Bradgate Park or places which have held familiarity since childhood. I work in variety of media including watercolour, acrylics, oils and mixed media.

My recent work has revolved around ‘Garden Art’, letting the memory and imagination create a magical rural oasis within an urban environment which inspired me to do series of paintings depicting the power of plants to rewild the character of their surroundings such as wastelands, rockfaces and neglected spaces.

Below you can see more of my work, from sketchbook to canvasses.

 “Sketches of a Victorian Garden Series”

2 sketches of The Eden Project – dealing with the global and rural within an urban settlement

Here are three of my paintings that are on show as a part of the Urban/Rural show:

Rock Faces
Glen Heath - Rewilding
Glen Heath Soft Silently
Softly, Silently



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