Intersections III Urban/Rural: Hung & Launched

Featuring the work of:

Vivien Blackburn, Ruth Chalk, Sue Clegg, Paul Dexter, Judith Eason, Emma Fitzpatrick, Jacqui Gallon, Glen Heath, Ros Kite, Christine Mannion and Toni Northcott.

We are into our second week of our third show with over 100 artworks on show and several sold.

We started with a busy weekend of hanging work of mixed styles and media.  Thanks to all who helped on the day with the curation and preparation of the show including Jane Sunbeam and Moira Robinson, group admin Ruth Chalk, curators Emma Fitzpatrick, Vivien Blackburn, Toni Northcott, and Judith Eason, and all the artists and their partners – a real group effort!

A lot of planning went into the layout of the work beforehand to help the process on the day, since each artist needed to have a roughly equal amount of space available to them. We also wanted to make sure that each artist’s work suited its neighbouring work as much as possible, and that the show as a whole looked like a collection of work on a theme. It was a challenge but everyone pulled together extremely well. Thanks to Emma Fitzpatrick for all her pre-planning.

The resulting show looks excellent and we really hope this space will remain as a gallery for local groups in the future – a venue  much needed in Leicester.

We had a very busy and enjoyable launch night – thanks to all those who came and helped make it a great night for us and to Glen Heath and Christine Mannion for an amazing spread of nibbles!  Thanks to Sue Clegg for the wonderful photos to record the night for us.

Please join us for our opening and Meet the Artist event on Saturday 1st April 11.00-3.30pm. Free and all welcome. Artists will be available to chat to the public about the ideas and inspiration behind their work, and the techniques they use to create them.

If you would like to purchase an artwork, then please use the contact details for the artist on the label next to the relevant work. More information on the individual artists can be found on our Artists page.

For more information, please visit our events page.


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