Introducing Intersections III Urban/Rural: 12 artists, 1 theme


Twelve artists have come together to present Urban/Rural, the third in a series of exhibitions which make up ‘The Eye Exhibition Project’.

Each artist has interpreted the theme in her or his own individual way, and through various media.  There are however recurring threads and ideas.

 Some artists have explored the places where urban and rural converge – the liminal or inbetween spaces where the urban and the rural rub up against each other and nature begins to recolonise. These sites  include canal paths, urban wastelands, derelict buildings, old railway tracks and stations, places which often provoke a sense of contemplation. They have a sense of “otherness” which is very appealing and stimulating to artists – they are places of transition, providing a sense of a time between what was and what will be.  Exploring this “re-wilding” of particular urban sites enables artists here to depict how the man-made and the detritus of urban living intermingle with nature.

Other work depicts urban and rural surfaces as somewhere for other “stuff” to happen, be it through decay or human activity such as graffiti. These sites become “timescapes”, preserving and freezing human traces and recording the passage of time.

Several artists have concentrated on the rural environment, often because it has resonance in terms of life experience – evoking childhood memories for example or a favourite place to visit or view. Here particularly, artists have responded to the ever-changing light, colours and textures of the rural  environment, linking the atmospheric colours of nature to our emotional human responses.  These rural places, imbued with memory, become almost sacred spaces, ones which the artists here have responded to in a variety of ways.

We hope that you enjoy the exhibition and that you find the work thought provoking.

If you would like to purchase an artwork, then please use the contact details for the artist on the label next to the relevant work. More information on the individual artists can be found on our Artists page.



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