Meet the Artist: Christine Stevens

My interest in painting is to produce semi-abstracts in mixed media. These are sparked off by seeing something in nature that excites me. I draw the area on to my canvas and then through reduction of detail, the picture reveals the abstract image. I hope the emotive response from the viewer is of excitement and happiness. My contributions to the light/dark theme exhibited in The Eye Exhibition in February and March will be constructed  similarly. My interpretation of the light areas will show bright areas of colour. Then in areas in shadow less colour until gradually reduced to the darkest dark.

Reflections, mixed media

I am a self-taught artist attending the Richard Attenborough Centre under various tutors, for eight years. There followed numerous lectures and workshops by various artists in Leicestershire and on painting holidays abroad. My work is on view annually at the Oadby Artists Exhibition and The Leicester Sketch Club and on their websites.

Recollections, mixed media

I am familiar with working with a wide range of media and enjoy using them together to provide a range of textures across the paintings.

The three images on show in this blog are for sale in the Light/Dark catagory of the Eye Exhibition until Wednesday, March 15th 2017.

Memories, mixed media



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