Paper Light Paper Flight – a day in the life of a children’s workshop.

There is always something magical about the way children approach creative endeavour with focus and enthusiasm. It is a joy to see their imaginations unfold. In this workshop we wanted to bring the children in to see and be a part of the Light & Dark Exhibition within the wider Eye Exhibition Project.

Exploring the same light and dark theme as the twelve artists in the group exhibition, we invited children in to create designs for badge making, to play with paper and light through card and tissue tea light lanterns with sparkling jewels to catch the reflections, and to decorate and fold origami papers in light and dark patterns for the community sculpture ‘Individually Together’.

Fiona Humphrey, group coordinator for the Light & Dark exhibition and workshop day hopes that the final sculpture will celebrate the very essence of community – that individuals come together to form a whole, the community in which we live. Each paper origami bird whilst essentially the same, also carries its own unique markings as created by the children. The final piece reflects the swoop of birds in flight together, each bird beating its own path to complete the flock. The pieces were then assembled together on the tissue and wire frame, which is now proudly on display in the main exhibition.


All that and the children also had the chance to delve into archaeology through guided activities, handling original artefacts and more paper play.

It was a busy day and in amongst the colouring pens, paper and scissors we hope the children found, as we did, a joy in visual expression and working together to create something new.

With thanks to artists Fiona Humphrey, Jane Sunbeam, Deborah Miles-Williams and Anna Louise Wright for all their hard work and to the Leicester Adult Education College for giving us the venue and opportunity to hold the workshop.



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