Where 2D Meets 3D

Written by Barbara Taylor-Harris.

Barbara Taylor-Harris is exhibiting as part of the Eye exhibitions at the Adult Education Centre in Leicester.

Barbara trained as a sculptor many years ago. She had a wide ranging career in education including running her own businesses in contracting and management consultancy. After treatment for cancer she retired to pursue her long dream to be a professional artist. Without space to sculpt she turned to painting. Quickly she tired of flat surfaces and sought textural quality in her work through mixed media.

As an innovative mixed media painter and sculptor she had one of the first 3D pens to come on the market over 3 years ago. She soon realised that the pen and the plastic filament it uses, was just another tool and medium for her as an artist.

Barbara Taylor Harris – Paintings and Sculptures

To date she has used many of the pens on the market and become a 3D pen specialist. 3D pen work is a common additive to her painting process and her sculptures are often made using 3D pen with other materials. She works with several companies, including pen and filament manufacturers and distributors.

3D Sculptures

She was delighted to meet up with Barry Taylor from 3DPfilaments especially as they are geographically close which makes working together easier. Pooling their experiences they realised they had many 3D pen connections in common.

Barbara has just launched her brand BBarbarartist producing a range of Creative Stencils to teach, support and fire the imagination and creativity of 3D pen users. She was delighted to find that Barry’s filaments worked well with her stencils and that he has an important wide range of colours which have a good gloss and semi transparent finish.

3D packs and stencils


They have put together exciting packs of stencils. Currently available is a Xmas Festivities pack to lead you up to Xmas and an Aquarium Adventure pack with100 specially selected filament. These available from Barry at 3DPfilaments. When you register your pack with Barbara you can get a supplementary e book of guidance, techniques and tips on using each stencil in the packs.

To see more of Barbara’s artwork and commissions, please visit:


and follow Barbara:

@BBarbarartist on Twitter

@3dpenartist on Twitter

Barbara Taylor-Harris on Facebook

3D Pen Fine Art Sculptures on Facebook

BBarbarartist on Instagram

Barbara Taylor-Harris on YouTube

and Barbara Taylor Harris 0n Pinterest.

Contact Barbara:

01572 898064 / 822210 / 07801386780





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