The show goes up:

It’s been a busy time prepping for the show – lots of painting to be done, of walls, plinths and display cases. We also created a backdrop for our newly painted plinths using fireproofed fabric and polished the plinth lids until they sparkled! Thanks to all the artists who came and helped, it was a fun two days filled with anticipation.

Jacqui painting plinths…and the fireproofed fabric, meticulously sprayed by Fiona


Nearly there – more painting of plinths by Phillipa, Jo and Anna-Louise

And then it was time for the work to be arranged and hung by our curator “Simon the Framer”, who arranged the many differing artworks into a wonderful feast for the eyes.


Simon the Framer and Andy Sunbeam hanging Jane’s 9 birds



George and Lucy setting up their work

And soon it was up……

Moira hanging her Pate de Verre  glass piece



An overview of the “longwall” showing a sample of the differing mediums, scales and subjects in this show




And after a few last minute polishes…. we had finished!





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